Large-Scale Database Jira Integration for the Healthcare Industry

Large-Scale Database Jira Integration for the Healthcare Industry


The aim of the project was to help the client’s employees perform their duties in the most efficient way. Rozdoum team configured and optimized the company’s infrastructure. We created scripts for the client’s internal systems to enable their interaction with Jira’s API. As a result, the company’s employees have an extended overview of their tasks. The scripts also automated processes that workers used to perform manually before. The first version of the product was created within 40 hours, and the final solution was introduced within 1 week. 


The client’s issue was internal systems with insufficient search mechanisms integrated. They were not capable of meeting the rising demand for services. The client’s company requested Rozdoum to connect Jira to the database of their internal systems, so employees have access to all vital information directly on their computer screens.


Rozdoum offered the client a solution in the form of scripts for the customer’s internal systems. The scripts used Jira’s API to create tickets for videos in case of pre-programmed events. Then, we installed the ScriptRunner plugin in Jira that searches the company's internal systems for information related to ongoing tasks and arranges it to be displayed in Jira. As a result, the employees can clearly see their tasks and their specifics. After the first version of the plugin was successfully introduced, the Rozdoum specialists went even further. The company delivered the second version of its product and resolved the client’s long-lasting challenges with video mapping.



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