Migration from Server Infrastructure to the Cloud

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Rozdoum was approached by our recurring customer to provide assistance to a client of theirs. A Japanese supercorporation specializing in automated equipment for mine working has a service management option to address customers’ requests. The company has digital products on its platform and corresponding documentation, which they decided to migrate to the cloud with the help of the Rozdoum team. The process is ongoing, but so far, we have conducted the assessment of the work to be done and migration testing. As of now, we are actively working on addressing the challenges raised during the migration process.


The objectives set were to perform the migration of a range of digital products, all documentation, and 8 addons from the server infrastructure to the cloud. Issues raised in the process, such as plugins that are not susceptible to migration, strange responses from the cloud server, etc., are to be resolved. 


Rozdoum developer started with a complex assessment of the server infrastructure. Then, we proceeded with the migration test. There are 3 stages planned in total: test migration, staging, and production. To address the migration difficulties with the Securefields and Jira Miscellaneous Workflow extension, Rozdoum checked whether it is possible to extract data using REST API. We decided to create a JAVA app to make it possible to use REST to extract values from the addons and move them to the cloud. We also contacted the developer to update the cloud’s server to resolve the issues with strange responses from the server. Apart from this, we manually input active users’ data. 


Tech stack used in the process includes: Jira Cloud Migration Assistant / Confluence Cloud Migration AssistantTechnologies: REST API, Java, and Java 8

DevOps Migration

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