HP ALM to Jira Migration

Jira migration


The custom development of a tool for migration from HP ALM to Jira. The migration process consisted of two parts. The first one was a migration of projects and defects from HP ALM to Jira. The second one was a movement of test management data into a third-party add-on for Jira.


The client needs to move from HP ALM to Jira. The goal was to avoid the manual work with the help of a migration tool for transfer of defects and test management data.


Rozdoum experts researched the requirements and environment to detect how entities of HP ALM might match the mapped entities of Jira. We offered a two-step solution.
A wizard was created for the movement of projects and defects. It analyzed the existing projects in HP ALM and created the correlated projects in Jira for them. The tool used the corresponding fields to configure the newly created Jira projects the same way they were in HP ALM. After project creation the app migrated the defects from HP ALM, into Jira issues, filling the appropriate fields automatically.

A third-party Jira add-on was used to store migrated test management data since Jira does not have native test management support. For this purpose, the third-party add-on with a rich API was chosen.

JIRA Migration 


Atlassian SDK, Jira API, REST API, Spring MVC, Spring, Angular, jQuery

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