Projects and Data Organizing Solution

Project and Data Organizing Solution


The composite solution provides a way to start a new typed project comprised of several Jira projects. Users structurize work with the Structure app, schedule tasks with the BigPicture app, and generate status reports in Confluence. The reports are based on a set of calculated fields. The software seamlessly maps the existing business processes of the company to transfer them to the stack of Atlassian Tools.


The set of tools aims to map the company business processes and move them into the management tools. This set comprises several tools for every activity. The tools integrate with each other. They allow to start customer-specific projects, manage and schedule tasks, synchronize data structures, analyze the data, and build status reports.


The solution is the set of tools built on top of Atlassian products (Jira and Confluence). The set uses 3rd party Jira add-ons and custom code utilizing the API provided by the Atlassian products and the add-ons mentioned above. The delivered solution allows deploying a new project quickly. Such a project may include a cross-project structure in Structure app, a Gantt-based schedule in a BigPicture program. The users can also synchronize the structures of a Structure app with the linked BigPicture program, so any change in the structure of the data can be immediately propagated. Script Runner scripted fields are widely used to add intelligent self-calculating fields to the Jira issues. Confluence API and user macros are used to build custom-tailored status reports in Confluence.
The developed solution extends the standard Atlassian products functionality to fit client business processes.


Jira API, Confluence API, User Macro in Confluence, REST, Atlassian SDK

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