Building Server-Cloud Migration Flow for Jira Card Coloring App

Building Server-Cloud Migration Flow for Jira Card Coloring App


A client, a consulting firm from Washington DC, asked Rozdoum to add server-cloud migration flow for a Jira addon we’ve built for them. We’ve used Cloud Migration API and Cloud Migration Assistant to create build-in functionality that allows customers to move their addon settings & customized color-coding for tickets from Atlassian Server to Atlassian Cloud via a few clicks.


A client approached us to add a quick & easy server-cloud migration functionality for their cards coloring Jira addon we’ve built.


Using the recently released Atlassian Migration Path, Cloud Migration API, and Cloud Migration Assistant, our developer created a feature that allowed teams to move the addon’s functionality from Server to Cloud quickly.


Jira, Atlassian Connect SDK (Spring Boot), Atlassian API, Atlassian REST API, Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML


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