Migrating Tooltips Plugin for Confluence to Cloud

Migrating Tooltips Plugin for Confluence to Cloud - Case


Tooltips is a Confluence plugin for adding tooltips to pieces of text on a page. Originally, Tooltips is an Atlassian server-based product. The client asked Rozdoum to move the plugin from the server to the cloud. This task came with a few significant challenges concerning the peculiarities of developer access to standard Atlassian UI and the correct placement of the tooltip text. Through the creation of custom-made UI with the help of macros, we were able to overcome the challenges of moving to the cloud and made the tool features look identical to their original form.


The main goal was to move the Tooltips plugin from the server to the cloud. Since cloud and server solutions are different in terms of development and Tooltips was built on the Atlassian server, it meant the developers had to find a way to impact the standard Atlassian UI and ensure it was possible to add Tooltips smoothly.


After some trial and error, which included the use of Atlassian Forge, we decided to use macros. With their help, we were able to create a custom UI as an overlay for the original UI. All pieces of text that had tooltips attached were replaced with macros that had custom UI within them. The rest of the Atlassian UI remained untouched. Understanding that the inline macros we needed take 100% of page width by default, we contacted Atlassian to make a hotfix, so the width could be adjusted to our solution. Then, we manually measured the page width and cut pieces of text to make it fit correctly.


Javascript, CSS, Atlassian API, Atlassian REST API, Atlassian Connect, Node.js, Atlassian Forge, ReactJS

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