Large-Scale Azure DevOps to Jira Atlassian Migration

Large-Scale Azure DevOps to Jira Atlassian Migration


The company was already using Azure DevOps, but they no longer wanted to use it. We migrated all the data, including work items and projects, to Jira.

The client asked Rozdoum to move all their projects and applications from Azure DevOps (ADO) to Jira. This task came with a few significant challenges concerning the transfer process that involved several thousand projects. After some trial and error, we were able to overcome the challenges by using ADO REST API and developing a custom application. It helped us to transfer and synchronize all files from ADO to Jira at once.


The client needed to move from Azure DevOps to Jira. The goal was to avoid the manual work with the help of a migration tool for the transfer and synchronization of multiple existing projects from ADO to Jira.


Rozdoum experts researched the requirements and environment to detect how entities of ADO might match the mapped entities of Jira.

At first, we analyzed and found a tool that allowed for migration. But this tool turned out to be too slow since it was single-threaded and could not transfer or synchronize all files at once. Then, to process multiple data streams simultaneously, the developers decided to scale their system horizontally. To accomplish this, Python scripts were used that leveraged the ADO REST API. 

We also developed an aggregator tool that helped us automate the process of setting up a database, as well as automate the launch of synchronization in any direction. With the help of those solutions, we were able to solve all issues with migration and synchronization and automate the process of setting up a database. It also automated the creation of new profiles. Then we added sockets, which helped developers see changes on the server in real time.


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