Social TV portal

Summary: Social TV portal is an interactive platform for TV and movies fans that allows people monitoring broadcasting of preferred channels, following favorite actors, shows, series. The portal is a TV addicts social network, it enables connecting people with similar interests through the site or via external social accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

Client: German startup

Challenge: The client requested to use as many built-in facilities of the Liferay as possible. He came to Rozdoum after several unsuccessful attempts with other developers so the terms were quite tight. In the same time, the client was looking for a clear process with regular meetings, demonstrations, and feedback implementations.

Solution: TV portal was built in accordance with full Liferay opportunities. Users can easily join the site with the new account or with the Facebook/Twitter login. Every community member is provided with the standard Electronic Program Guide and has an opportunity to customize it by timeslots, artists or movies. Users can connect with each other and communicate via internal chat. For the better user experience, search and rating portlets were implemented. The portal is equipped with an internal video player, so media content is all stored internally. For real social geeks, deep integration with the major social networks allows to share their favorite pages, movies or series they follow. If users were looking for reminders, website provided them with several notification types.

Technologies:  Java, JSP, Liferay, MySQL, Ant, Lucene, Solr, Struts, HTML, CSS,JS, jQuery, Ajax

Team: Team lead, 2 senior developers, QA engineer

Duration: 5 months

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